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Oh, hello! Welcome. You've caught me by surprise. Honestly, if I'd known you were coming I would have baked a cake.

Sorry about the mess. And the lights. And the rats. No, they're harmless, just shoo them away.

Pull up a chair & make yourself at home while I see what's in the cupboard. All right, perhaps not that chair. But I think there's a perfectly serviceable pouffe around here somewhere, just have a rummage. It might be a good idea to wear gloves or whatever.


...now has its own home.


WT4 is the latest (2013–present) blog incarnation. Volume is low.

The original (and still the best) was Walky Talky (2003–2008), from the halcyon days when blogging actually meant something, or at least we could pretend to ourselves that it did. There is lots of content there, and some of it is actually pretty entertaining. WT2 (2008) wasn't really a blog at all, but it doesn't belong anywhere else either. WT3 (2009–2013) was a return to a more normal blogging format, but never quite regained the old momentum.


city jitters (2007–)

Ongoing pictorial love-hate letter to London. Made and posted piecemeal over the years, collected here in somewhat larger versions.

bathhouse (1986)

Visit to a derelict swimming pool. Some of these photos are a bit ropey technically, but the location is very striking.